i'm trevor

here's some stuff i made…


me. trevor :)

I'm a designer of many kinds, living and working in Portland, OR. Most of the time I'm designing lighting, scenery, projections, and a ton of other things for the local theatres... You can find all my professional stuff here.

When I'm not on a ladder or drafting, I'm flipping bits back and forth learning a ton and making (hopefully) some cool things for your screen to show you. These days it's mainly web things, cuz I like making stuff that's easy to show people and maybe even somewhat useful for those that need it, but I've also taken stabs at visual art, animation, photography, and a ton of other stuff.

I've assembled some of my favorite stuff from across disciplines here for you, (don't you feel special). Feel free to take a look around - that's what it's all here for. I'll probably end up adding some 'thoughts' here too... so there's that to look forward to also.